Endodontic Instructions



AFTER YOUR ROOT CANAL (Endodontic Therapy)

  1. The tooth and the adjacent supporting tissues may be tender for a few days after treatment. This mild discomfort will be relieved by Advil, Aleve or Tylenol.
  2. Occasionally moderate to severe discomfort may occur. If medication has been prescribed, use it according to the directions. If you do not have a prescription for pain medication, please call the office.  
  3. Some swelling is possible. Call the office if more than a slight puffiness occurs.
  4. If any other problems develop, please notify the office as soon as possible.
  5. In order to protect the tooth against fracture during or immediately after treatment, avoid chewing on the tooth until the final restoration has been placed by your general dentist.

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Surgical procedures will be performed using local anesthesia. There are usually no restrictions concerning driving or returning to work after treatment, as long as there is no strenuous activity. A doctor is available for consultation at all times should a problem arise after your treatment.

  1. Continue all medications for blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems and any other conditions as recommended by your physician. If there is a question, please call our office prior to your appointment.
  2. Please eat a full breakfast or lunch as applicable.
  3. If you have been advised by your physician or dentist to use antibiotic premedication because of mitral valve prolapse (MVP), heart murmur, hip, knee, cardiac or another prosthesis, or if you have rheumatic heart disease, please make sure you are on the appropriate antibiotic on the day of your appointment.
  4. If there is a question, please call our office prior to your appointment.
  5. Please do not take any aspirin-containing products during the 7 days prior to your surgery.
  6. Minimize the amount of Ibuprofen containing products as much as possible during the 7 days prior to your surgery.




When the anesthesia wears off, many patients do not require any pain medication. For discomfort for a few days, you may take two extra-strength Acetaminophen tablets (e.g. Tylenol) or two Ibuprofen tablets (e.g. Advil) every 4 hours as needed. You may be prescribed stronger medication, in place or in addition to these, as directed; do not drive, operate machinery, or drink alcoholic beverages. For antibiotics, finish the entire prescription as directed.


Swelling the next day is normal and will resolve in 3 to 5 days. In order to minimize the swelling, place an ice pack over the surgical area for the rest of today until you go to bed, keeping the ice pack on for 15 minutes and taking it off for 15 minutes (repeating this for 48 hrs). Also, tonight sleep in as close to a sitting position as possible in order to keep your head elevated.


Some blood may stain the saliva after the procedure. This is usual and will correct itself. Excessive bleeding should be reported immediately.


Discoloration may occur under the eye, over the immediate area, or under the chin. It is of little significance and should resolve in 7 to 10 days.


Do not rinse any more today. Rinsing is not a necessary part of the treatment but it may make your mouth feel clean. Beginning tomorrow, you may rinse every two to four hours with a solution of half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water.


Eat soft foods on the opposite side of the mouth for the first 24 hours. Thereafter, and until the sutures are removed, avoid the immediate area. Eat anything with two exceptions: (a) nothing steaming hot and (b) no crunchy foods (e.g. celery or popcorn).


Brush your teeth with a soft tooth brush avoiding the immediate surgical area. If you wish you may gently wipe the surgical area with a wet cotton swab.

Acceptable Activities

You may follow your regular daily activities, but avoid excessive exertion for the first 48 hours. Inactivity is appropriate for the next 24 hours.

Significant Complications

Rashes, nausea, vomiting, excessive swelling, difficulty swallowing or anything that may trouble you should be discussed. Call the office and report your problem.

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